Board of Directors 2014

Back Row from left: Patty Lins, Kathleen Harter, George Kauppila, Tricia Kappler, Jeff Veum, Tom Oldfield, Eric Halonen
Front Row from left: Michael Lydon, David Geisler, Cheryl O'Brien

Michael Lydon, President
Cheryl O'Brien,Vice President
Patty Lins, Secretary
David Geisler, Treasurer
Eric Halonen
Kathleen Harter
Tricia Kappler, Development
George Kauppila
Tom Oldfield, Development
Jeff Veum
Steve Zutter


Back Row from left: Alice Slusarzyk, Carol Korpela, Faye Marion, Nancy Arthur, Debby Hart, Sebastian Rhein, Mark Cinelli, Cynthia Drake, Bill Polkinghorn, Kathy Jarvenpaa, Megan Houghton

Front Row from left: Millie Pekkala, Mike Aten, Cathy Aten, Joyce Koski, Kathy Chynoweth

Executive Director: Cathy Aten

Planned Giving Officer, Little Brothers Foundation: Mike Aten

Systems Manager: Mark Cinelli

International Volunteer: Tim Deter

Receptionist: Teri Gilpin

Firewood Program Coordinator: Debby Hart

Program Director: Carol Korpela

Expansion Coordinator: Joyce Koski

Transportation Coordinator: Nicole Kotila

Elder Services Coordinator: Rebekka Mikkola

International Volunteer: Irene Corales Pardo

International Volunteer: Tim Pohl

Experience Works Maintenance Worker: Bill Polkinghorn

Outreach Specialist: Alice Slusarzyk

Grant Writer: Suzanne Van Dam



Calendar of Events

September 2014
1 Labor Day - Office Closed
Friends Without Borders
Senior Heritage Day Activity
Quarterly Birthday Party
Scott's Matinee
Mustang Sweepstakes Drawing
October 2014
International Day of the Elder
Fall Color Tour Activity

Friends Without Borders

Sixth Graders Activity
22 Scott's Matinee
25 Halloween Party

We have a coffee clutch open to the public every Thursday at 9:30 am at our office in Hancock.