Board of Directors 2015

Back Row from left: Tom Oldfield, Jeff Veum, Cheryl O'Brien, Patty Lins, Tricia Kappler, George Kauppila, Joe Lallande, Brenda Rudiger
Front Row from left:David Geisler, Theresa Cherubini, Cathy Aten

Cheryl O'Brien, President
Tom Oldfield,Vice President
Patty Lins, Secretary
David Geisler, Treasurer
Theresa Cherubini
George Kauppila
Joe Lallande
Tricia Narhi
Brenda Rudiger
Jeff Veum
Steve Zutter (not pictured)


Back Rows from left: Joyce Koski, Lucia Nye, Alice Slusarzyk, MaryKay Durland, Terry Stranc, Glenn Ierley, Vi Richards, Bill Polkinghorn, Jim Degenford, Carol Korpela, Julie Beck, Debby Hart, Julia Hofmann

Front Row from left: Philip Detje, Fabian Walz, Suzanne Van Dam, Carly Joseph, Cathy Aten, Irene Corrales Pardo

Executive Director: Cathy Aten

Planned Giving Officer, Little Brothers Foundation: Mike Aten

Elder Services Coordinator: Julie Beck

International Volunteer: Irene Corales Pardo

Transportation Coordinator: Jim Degenford

International Volunteer: Philip Detje

Firewood Program Coordinator: Debby Hart

International Volunteer: Julia Hofman

Program Director: Carol Korpela

Expansion Coordinator: Joyce Koski

Property Caretaker: Bill Polkinghorn

Outreach Specialist: Alice Slusarzyk

Grant Writer: Suzanne Van Dam

International Volunteer: Fabian Walz



Click here for our FY 2016 Calendar of Events
January 2016
1 Office Closed


Office Closed
20 Food Bag Delivery
20 Scott's Matinee
27 Volunteer Orientation

February 2016


Snow Statue Tour
Friends without Borders
Valentine's Day Party
Scott's Matinee

Food Bag Delivery

Birthday Party
Volunteer Orientation