A note from Jean, an elderly friend from Tapiola:

"Little Brothers is a blessing to me and a lot of other seniors that do not have family close by... I was so impressed at how it was done. We had the most delicious meal, entertainment, and friendly people. Just like family, warm and you could feel the love... Thank you Little Brothers I'm so glad you have this organization so we can experience family holidays. You're a blessing to me and many others. Sincerely, Jean"

Dear Friends of the Elderly,

When Jean woke up Christmas morning of last year, she wasn't sure what the day held. Her husband had just passed away, the one child living near her had moved away. Jean, for the first time in a long time, woke up to a quiet house on Christmas Day.

When the Little Brothers' volunteer picked her up early in the afternoon for the trip to the Doelle Senior Center, she was grateful for someone to chat with. Two more seniors were picked up and then they headed to the center for their Christmas meal.

When Jean walked in there was a friendly volunteer to take her coat, retrieve her name tag, and lead her to her seat. Another volunteer offered her choice of coffee or cider and a munchie.

Our Gift of Love

As her table mates introduced themselves, Jean cheered up.The table was set with candles, flowers, and a place mat decorated by one of the local school children. So many happy folks! And the smell of food cooking! Soon dinner was served; turkey, white and mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, dessert, and a toast of champagne.

We expend the extra effort to make sure our meals are just like your meals, we treat our elderly friends as we would our own family. The potatoes are cooked and mashed that day, no freeze dried or canned potatoes for us. The turkey comes from a whole bird, not a processed turkey loaf. The desserts are home made by local volunteers. At the end of the party, each of our guest gets a personal goodbye, a hug, and a flower. While most of us take for granted having a Merry Christmas like this, some of the elderly among us can only dream about it.

How you can help make a dream come true for an elderly friend...

I am asking that you "Gift the Gift of Love" this holiday season. Your gift of $15, $35, $50, $75, $100 or whatever you can manage will allow us to transform a lonely holiday without family and friends to a wonderful holiday celebration for hundreds of our elderly friends. Your gift will make the dream of companionship come true for one of our elderly friends. And we do this at 10 party sites in the Copper Country and the City of Marquette. We also operate two sites dedicated to serving the home bound; we make sure our elderly friends who cannot come to the party get the same attention.

Why we do this

Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly is an independent, non-profit organization founded in France in 1946. Established in the Copper Country in 1982, we are dedicated to the idea that all people, especially our elderly, deserve a life rich in love, friendship, and dignity. Our philosophy of "Flowers before Bread" expresses our belief that emotional needs are every bit as important as material needs. Special things like a bouquet of flowers or a Christmas dinner enable all of us to live richer, more meaningful lives.

Year Long Caring

We also hold holiday dinners on Thanksgiving and Easter and have a complete Activity Program in the summer that includes picnics, birthday parties, and theater outings. Year round programs include Friendly Visiting, Firewood Cutting, and Medical Transportation are staffed by caring volunteers who contribute their time providing service, companionship, and friendship.

Again, I ask you to make a gift to Little Brothers, so we can make our gift of friendship to the community, a gift given with love. Your gift can transform a lonely holiday without family or friends into a day of celebration for hundreds of our elderly friends. On behalf of the elderly in our community, thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. Merry Christmas!


Cathy Signature

Cathy Kass-Aten

Executive Director

P.S. Your donation of $50 will provide a special Christmas dinner for four elderly. Jean and hundreds of other seniors will greatly appreciate your gift.

We're a non-profit organization, your gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.







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