Our Mission

Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly is a national network of non-profit, volunteer-based organizations committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly. We offer to people of good will the opportunity to join the elderly in friendship and the celebration of life.



We have two mottos that tell our story!

"Flowers before bread" is our founder Armand Marquiset's motto. It expresses his philosophy that everyone needs love and friendship in their life. It is the human touch that makes life worth living.

Another motto we go by is "where service to the elderly begins by being a friend." This motto reminds us that the most important gift we bring when we knock on the door is the gift of friendship. With every service we provide and with every gesture that we do, we do it in the spirit of friendship.

Our services are all free of charge to the elderly


Calendar of Events

July 2014
4 Independence Day - Office Closed
Kangas Cafe Summer Activity
Volunteer Appreciation Picnic
Food Bag Delivery
Scott's Matinee
27 Elderly Friend Picnic
HCMCF Elderly Friend Picnic

August 2014
$20,000 Raffle Drawing
Twin Lakes Picnic

Tamburitzens Activity

Gierke Blueberry Farm Activity
27 Scott's Matinee