The Friendly Visiting Program

The Friendly Visiting Program is the heart of Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly. The mission of visiting volunteers is to bring friendship into the life of the elderly friends they are matched to visit.


Social Activities Program

Our regular social activities keep us busy all year round with small holiday parties, 3 monthly activities, 6 summer activities that can change each year, and our Intergenerational Friends program involving 2 local middle school groups.

Holiday Celebrations

On the 3 major holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, we hold holiday dinner parties at 9 locations in the Copper Country for anyone who is 60 or older and will be alone on the day. We have 2 additional sites that are only hot meal delivery sites.

We have a couple other holiday activities, including our Christmas Food Box Delivery, Gift Delivery, and our Christmas Light Tour.


Direct Services

We have four Direct Services we provide that are all free of charge. These include our local Medical Transportation Program, our Medical Transportation Program to Marquette, a Wood Cutting Program, and also a Food Pantry.


Now offering services in Ontonagon, Baraga and Marquette

Inspired by our founder Armand Marquiset’s desire to “spread across the earth igniting little fires of love”, we began to provide friendship services for the lonely, isolated elderly in our neighboring counties of Ontonagon in June 2011 and Baraga in June of 2012. We are planning to offer our Friendly Visiting Program to Marquette beginning in 2015.

We have been celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter with our elderly friends in Ontonagon since 1987 and Baraga since 2001 and determined the need to begin providing more of our special services. Our holiday dinners in Marquette, which began in 2013, continue to grow with each holiday. Few social service agencies address the emotional needs associated with our mission. Little Brothers brings an innovative approach to assisting the elderly, one that is founded on friendship and builds from there. As our former national executive director, Roger Nash, once said, “First you have love for the person, and the service comes out of that loving concern.”

We are currently offering two services, friendly visiting and holiday meals, in Ontonagon, Baraga, and Marquette Counties.

Friendly Visiting Program

Holiday Celebrations

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Calendar of Events

March 2015
Intergenerational Event
Friends Without Borders
Food Bag Delivery Begins
18 Scott's Matinee
New Volunteer Orientation

April 2015
Friends Without Borders
22 Scott's Matinee
Spring "Garden Party" Fundraiser
Intergenerational Event

We have a coffee clutch open to the public every Thursday at 9:30 am at our office in Hancock.