The Friendly Visiting Program

The Friendly Visiting Program is the heart of Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly. The mission of visiting volunteers is to bring friendship into the life of the elderly friends they are matched to visit.

This program can be an extremely rewarding one for both the volunteer and the elderly friend. Lasting friendships have formed and have even stretched across miles when either the volunteer or elderly friend has moved away. We at Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly truly believe that respectful attention to our elderly friends enriches their lives; we are here to help celebrate life with them.

Our Friendly Visiting Program brings together volunteers with elderly friends with the intent they visit regularly, a minimum of 2 times a month, and do things together they enjoy. For some this may include running errands, going out to a Little Brothers activity or a community event together. Or it may involve staying at the elderly friend's home to enjoy coffee and conversation. This is a relationship that evolves between the volunteer and elderly who can become life-long friends. Imagine the stories to share, the history to be learned, and the wisdom to be passed on!

The matching process is given careful consideration to make a match that is true to both the volunteer and elderly friend. The Visiting Volunteer Coordinator will match a visiting volunteer with an elderly friend based on interest and personal preferences. Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly staff members are available to assist in this relationship with support, troubleshooting, and to just share stories. We want to make sure that this volunteer experience is both enjoyable and rewarding.

If at any time the volunteer will be temporarily unavailable to visit regularly, a staff member can fill in while he or she are away. It is important that the volunteer maintains regular contact with our staff in regards to any changes in the health or circumstances of the elderly friend.

Visiting volunteers can expect to visit their elderly friend at least twice a month for a minimum of one year or as long as a lifetime.




Calendar of Events

February 2015
5 MTU Snow Statue Tour
Valentine's Day Party
Food Bag Delivery Begins
18 New Volunteer Orientation
Scott's Matinee
Pasty Sale Fundraiser
Sixth Graders Game Day

March 2015
Friends Without Borders
Food Bag Delivery Begins

New Volunteer Orientation

Scott's Matinee

We have a coffee clutch open to the public every Thursday at 9:30 am at our office in Hancock.