Social Activities Program

Our regular social activities keep us busy all year round with small holiday parties, 3 monthly activities, 6 summer activities that can change each year, and our Intergenerational Friends program involving 2 local middle school groups.

These activities almost always include a great meal in a specially decorated hall with fresh flowers and candles, lots of companionship and friendship, entertainment, and of course transportation to and from the activity. Our goal is to give our elderly friends the opportunity to get out and celebrate those special occasions. Many friendships are formed between the elderly friends themselves, and between the elderly and volunteers who may regularly help at the activities.

In addition to the small holiday parties, we include home visits with a flower and small gift for our homebound elderly friends. If someone cannot come out to their month's birthday party, we bring a party to them with a visit by staff or volunteers and a personalized gift.

Our "regular" elderly friends really look forward to these activities, and it is fun to see them come in dressed for the occasion. Some come in costume for our Halloween party and will usually wear something red or special to our Valentine's Day party.


Calendar of Events

September 2014
1 Labor Day - Office Closed
Friends Without Borders
Senior Heritage Day Activity
Quarterly Birthday Party
Scott's Matinee
Mustang Sweepstakes Drawing
October 2014
International Day of the Elder
Fall Color Tour Activity

Friends Without Borders

Sixth Graders Activity
22 Scott's Matinee
25 Halloween Party

We have a coffee clutch open to the public every Thursday at 9:30 am at our office in Hancock.