Whom We Serve

We serve people 60 and older who have little or no family support. By visiting, socializing, and offering programs that promote independent living, we strive to meet the emotional and physical needs of our elderly friends.

We serve all of Houghton and Keweenaw Counties through our friendly visiting, social activities, holiday programs, and direct services programs. We also host holiday dinner parties and hot meal deliveries with a visit in Ontonagon and Baraga counties on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.


We serve people who are 60 and over and who have little or no family support. The services we provide depend on the level of need of the elderly person.

Regular" elderly

These elderly people have the highest level of need because they have no family in the area, or their family is unable to help. Our regular elderly friends receive regular friendly visits at least twice a month, help with shopping and errands, rides to doctor appointments, and help with woodcutting if needed. They also receive a monthly food bag if they are very low income, and they get invited to all our social activities throughout the year. Our goal is to provide them with love and friendship, things that friends do together or for each other. We also celebrate their birthdays with them, plan special parties for special holidays, host a variety of summer activities and do special visits for the holidays for those elderly friends who cannot come out to a dinner party. (Income is not an issue in the selection because it doesn't guarantee love or friendship)

"Medical Transportation" elderly

These elderly people may have family but their family is unable to take them to doctor appointments, and the elderly person has no other resources to get there. Their situation may also be that they need a van with a wheelchair lift to transport them because they cannot transfer in and out of a car.

Little Brothers operates a wheelchair lift van; we will also carry the wheelchair up and down steps, and we can also provide "escort" service, or someone to stay right with the elderly person through their doctor's visit if they are anxious or need support.

"Holiday Party" elderly

Anyone in the area who is 60 and older and who will be alone on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter is invited to our holiday dinner parties. If they are homebound, we will deliver a meal to them with a visit.

"Wood" elderly

Those elderly who rely on wood for heat or cooking and have no family to help with their wood can get help from Little Brothers. We organize groups to go out on weekends to cut, split and/or stack wood for elderly. We can also deliver loads of hardwood ends for people who need kindling.


Calendar of Events

February 2015
5 MTU Snow Statue Tour
Valentine's Day Party
Food Bag Delivery Begins
18 New Volunteer Orientation
Scott's Matinee
Pasty Sale Fundraiser
Sixth Graders Game Day

March 2015
Friends Without Borders
Food Bag Delivery Begins

New Volunteer Orientation

Scott's Matinee

We have a coffee clutch open to the public every Thursday at 9:30 am at our office in Hancock.