A Brief History of Little Brothers

Little Brothers of The Poor was founded in Paris, France, in 1946 by Armand Marquiset, a French nobleman who saw the plight of the elderly living in war-ravaged Europe. Armand wanted to help and began alone by sheltering the homeless elderly and taking meals and clothing to them. He noticed, however, that material goods were not enough. They longed for those moments that most people cherish like being remembered on their birthday, celebrating a holiday with someone they love, compassion. Mr. Marquiset found not just a poverty of material things, but a poverty of the spirit.

Armand realized this was an opportunity for ordinary people to discover, express, and develop their gifts for helping and loving others. He called this opportunity "Little Brothers".

Little Brothers was brought to the United States in 1959, to Chicago.The Upper Michigan chapter started in 1982. Here, through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, we have continued the tradition of making friendship the foundation of everything we do. For us, service to the elderly begins by being a friend.



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January 2016
1 Office Closed


Office Closed
20 Food Bag Delivery
20 Scott's Matinee
27 Volunteer Orientation

February 2016


Snow Statue Tour
Friends without Borders
Valentine's Day Party
Scott's Matinee

Food Bag Delivery

Birthday Party
Volunteer Orientation