Holiday Volunteering

CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Special Pandemic Notice

We will be doing all home delivered meals on Thanksgiving Day to people 60 and older who will be alone on the holiday. To keep everyone safe, we will be following the latest state and local Covid-19 guidelines. All volunteers will be screened, are required to wear face masks, and practice safe social distancing and all kitchen volunteers are required to wear a face shield over their face masks. Face shields will be provided.

Volunteers are needed to help with food prep and cooking, packing meals, monitoring safety, and delivering meals.

WE HAVE ALL OUR TURKEYS and because of covid-19 we cannot accept homemade desserts!!! But there are plenty of other needs. Please call 906-482-6944 for more information. Follow the link above to register to volunteer.

Please watch this 7 minute mandatory training video on safe food handling, packaging, and delivery practices during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are following the state’s executive orders and CDC recommendations. We require all volunteers and staff to do the same.

Please watch this short 1 minute tutorial on how to properly fill, fold, and seal the meal delivery bag. Proper food packaging is a barrier between the food and potential contamination, the packaging is a key factor in our safe delivery process. It is important to limit the number of people handling the contents of each bag.

Volunteer Needs Day Of

To make the holiday special for your elderly friends and neighbors, we celebrate by serving a traditional meal at eleven sites throughout five counties. About 400 volunteers are needed. If you have just one hour or the whole day, we have a volunteer assignment for you. Please read the job descriptions below to see what suits you best. When you’re ready to sign up, go to


Prepare the meal. The meat is pre-cooked so it needs to be sliced and reheated. Prepare and cook the potatoes and other sides. Plate the meals for restaurant style serving (servers will deliver to the tables). Package up leftovers. Must be age 13 and older to work in the kitchen.

Dining Room Set-Up and Greeting

Set the tables, decorate the dining room, and prepare beverages. Greet the guests and volunteers. Have them sign-in and give them a nametag.


The host makes welcoming remarks and has someone say grace. Serve the meal (as plated by the kitchen crew). The host makes announcements throughout the meal, and starts a non-alcoholic champagne toast. Collect dirty dishes and bring to the kitchen between courses. Wrap and distribute flowers, party favor, and leftover food to the elders as they leave.


Clear, clean, and sanitize the dining room tables. Wash, rinse and sanitize the pots, pans, and dirty dishes. Clean and sanitize the counter tops. Anything belonging to Little Brothers needs to be packed and returned to the office. Sweep and mop or vacuum the floors before leaving. Arrive at serving time to eat and enjoy a meal with the elderly guests before starting cleanup.

Transport Elderly Guests

Pick up elderly guests and drive them to and from the dinner party. Greet them at their door and assist them to and from the vechicle. Once you are assigned your passengers, call them the day before with your expected arrival time. Greet them at their door and assist them to and from the vechicle. Arrive at the dinner party about 1/2 hour early.

Meal Delivery

Pick hot meals to deliver to home-bound elders. Plan to stay for a short visit – you may be their only visitor for the day. Please limit yourself to just 2 or 3 deliveries. If you have more time, return to the site for more.

Musical Entertainment

Provide musical entertainment as guests arrive and throughout the meal. Take a break when the meal is served to eat with the elderly guests.

Gift Delivery

Pick up a gift and flower from Little Brothers and deliver it to an elderly friend at the Houghton County Medical Care Facility. Plan to visit the elder for a short while – you may be their only visitor for the day.

Register Online

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the holidays. After you’ve reviewed the volunteer opportunities you can sign up online at For more information, please call Gail Ross, Program Director at 906-482-6944 or email

About your registration

Once you register to volunteer, you will be expected at the site for your volunteer assignment and you will not be receiving a confirmation phone call. However, if you provide your email address, you will receive an automatic volunteer assignment confirmation. If you have any concerns about your registration and want a verbal confirmation, please call Gail Ross, Program Director at 906-482-6944 or email

Volunteer background checks

When you register, you’ll notice we ask for your birth date. We do this for several reasons. One, it helps us to know how many more volunteers we need. We don’t include small children under the age of 10 in the volunteer counts because often, they cannot carry out the duties of an adult. But, their involvement is still important and appreciated because we like to provide a familial atmosphere and the elders really enjoy interacting with them.

Second, we need to know our volunteers are age appropriate for the assignment. For example, drivers need to be over the age of 18.

Finally, we want to ensure the safety of our elders and volunteers so we will perform a background check using the State of Michigan service – ichat (internet criminal history access tool.) We know you are concerned about the confidentially of your personal information. We take it seriously. Only authorized personnel who have been vetted have access to your information. Our online registration is secure. If you aren’t comfortable sharing it through our online portal, you are welcome to call in your volunteer registration over the phone at 906-482-6944.

Volunteer Needs Before and After

A lot of preparation goes into planning the holiday meal celebrations and we need help in the days and weeks prior to the holiday. Consider coming in to the office to make phone calls or do a craft project at home. When you’re ready to sign up, go to

Make and answer phone calls

Make calls to either elders or volunteers in preparation for the holiday. Answer calls during peak times the week of the holiday.

Deliver supplies to a meal site

Come to Little Brothers to pick up all of the food and supplies and deliver it to one of the eleven meal sites the day before the holida.

Make and fill treat baskets

Create small treat baskets for Easter and Thanksgiving using items similar to individual size deli containers. If possible, fill with individually wrapped candy. It’s a great project for a group. The baskets are given to each elder with their holiday meal.

Decorate bags

Decorate new grocery bags provided by Little Brothers. Bags can be decorated in batches of 25 to 100 or more. It’s a great project for a group. The bags are used for home meal delivery.

Bake desserts

Bake traditional desserts that can be eaten with a fork including pie, cake, cupcakes, brownie, etc. 

Bake cookies

Bake traditional Christmas cookies. A small plate of assorted cookies is given to each elder on the holiday. 

Office cleanup

Sort and put away all of the supplies returned from each site the day after the holiday.