2020 Nominees for Volunteer of the Year

Nominees Tim Williams and Arlene Young

This is the final week of highlighting the Volunteer of the Year nominees. We’ll be announcing the Volunteer of the Year on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 2:00pm on Facebook Live. Next week we’ll be posting the Years of Service Volunteers. Those volunteers have volunteered regularly for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 years.

Today we are highlighting Tim Williams and Arlene Young

Arlene Young

How would you describe a good friend? Maybe as thoughtful, attentive, and generous. That is how Arlene was described by her Forever Friend who nominated her. I would agree that Arlene is all of those things as with every interaction I have had with her, she offers her time and skills. She reminds LBFE to give her a call if we need help with bakery, events, or the holidays. Arlene is a volunteer we call often in the Ontonagon area as we do not have as many volunteers in that location as we do locally. Also, whenever Arlene attends a meeting with us, we know there will be delicious treats!  

It is fun to be at the same holiday meal site with Arlene not only because she is friendly and outgoing with all the elders, but also if you are a guest, you are entered to win a door prize that Arlene always donates. She always does something a little extra with anything she volunteers for just to make someone feel special. Arlene is a great volunteer and has been for many years. We appreciate all her hard work. 

Tim Williams

Tim Williams

The pandemic has brought a lot of challenges, but we must always be on the lookout for the silver lining. One silver lining is the commitment of our volunteers. The Medical Transportation program is considered an essential service to ensure our elderly friends have rides to their doctor appointments. 

Tim Williams has been volunteering since 2014. Throughout the COVID lockdown, he continued to drive our elders to their doctors’ appointments while taking the appropriate safety precautions. One elder, Steve, had a weekly appointment and Tim committed to taking him to all his appointments over a period of three months. A friendship formed between the two on their numerous trips. 

Volunteers like Tim made it possible for our Medical Transportation program to stay open during the lockdown, keeping one small part of our elders’ daily lives as normal as possible during a time of great uncertainty. Tim’s volunteerism is a reminder that service is based on friendship.