2020 Nominees for Volunteer of the Year

Nominee John VanWestenburg

Volunteer of the Year Nominee John VanWestenburg

John VanWestenburg

Occasionally, special projects arise where we need the expertise of a skilled volunteer. There have been two recent projects John VanWestenburg has helped with. First, he displayed our fundraising bricks in the main entrance of our office. Second, he designed and built a specialized cabinet with six sliding shelves to make the work easier for his fellow volunteers at the holiday meal site in Tapiola.  

John’s introduction to the organization as a volunteer was at a holiday meal in 1999. He regularly encourages seniors who would otherwise be alone on the holidays to join the celebrations. He is always willing to say the blessing before the meal and initiate the non-alcoholic champagne toast after the meal.  

In addition to the holiday parties, he has also volunteered for the Medical Transportation program, the Friendly Visiting program, served on both the local and national board of directors, and served on numerous committees. His volunteer work is an amazing representation of Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly and what giving back to our communities can do for others and ourselves.