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March 31, 2020: The Glass Between Us

As we face the challenges of Covid-19, including the social distancing, we cannot help but think about one of our most vulnerable—and valuable—populations, our elderly.   Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly remains committed to alleviating loneliness and isolation among our elderly. Our ability to connect and serve is more important now than ever.

With social distancing measures in place, many  elders feel more isolated. Unfortunately, isolation and loneliness not only cause emotional anguish, they also have many severe mental and physical health impacts including increased depression, anxiety, and decreased cognitive abilities.  Profound loneliness can stress the immune system and even shorten one’s lifespan. We can combat the loneliness our elders feel, but we need to be creative and connect in ways that are safe for everyone. Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly urges you to consider how you, personally, can reach out TODAY and provide friendship and affection for those who are homebound, in nursing facilities, or otherwise living alone. Now is a good time to remember the power of a hand written card, a phone call, a bag of groceries with a few special treats (safely handled of course). These gestures can warm not only an elder’s heart but yours as well.

Our motto “where service to the elderly begins by being a friend” reminds us that the most important gift we bring when we knock on the door is the gift of friendship. With every service we provide and with every gesture that we do, we do it in the spirit of friendship. Let’s be creative in these weeks and months ahead in how we reach out to our valuable yet vulnerable friends. We all are stronger when generous hearts reach out, all safer when we protect the most vulnerable, and all united when we honor our most valuable elderly. Please help us come together as a community in serving our elderly friends.

Be Well!